He Gave Me India. Crap.

The Shack

I went up to the Toth Ranch a few weekends ago. They have a shack meant specifically for taking time to be still and listen for the voice of the Lord. They have a “glory log” where people can draw, or jot down crazy stuff the Holy Spirit does up there in this rad leather bound book.

I didn’t realize how little time I spent with Jesus until I consciously took the time away from the busyness of life.

The Plan

Take 48 hours alone to get quiet. I’m an extravert by nature. I like doing things, this sitting and being still isn’t my strong suit. So I did what I could to keep busy. I brought books I needed to read for WMF; a journal to capture my most epic thoughts for which I would later tell the world via blog assuming they would all want to hear about it (run-on sentence); and the i-pod for some musica and podcasts (no I don’t own an i-phone, silly question).

I got there Friday night. Showed up at the Toth Ranch. Matt’s parents prayed over my time up there. And I lugged my stuff a 1/2 mile away from the Ranch to the 8×12 foot shack where I would be spending my time for the next 48 hours. I don’t know if I have ever gone a day without seeing anyone before, let alone two days.

While there, I was kinda a pansy, afraid to stray too far away from the shack since the Toth’s mentioned seeing a bear two days previous. I did try to hike one day – but 100 yards from my start blocks saw a large black figure in the trees below and quickly retreated with my tail between my legs.

It was probably just a Sasquatch wanting some beef jerky. I should have taunted it.

But between, books, music, podcast, and praying, I ran out of things to do. A guy can only pray for so long ya know. I kid you not, I must have peed like 16 time that day just for something to do.

Ok, ok. So what did the Lord say…

Well I downloaded all these rando podcast. Some from Bill Johson or IHOP or Matt Chandler. I didn’t really pay much attention to the topics. If it had a nice name, I threw it on the Pod. Funny thing is, they seemed to have a theme.

The Theme

Your inheritance. Specifically your inheritance being the nations.

So there I was, listening my little heart out, when Bill tells the crowd how to claim a nation. Right before he got to that though, I thought “shoot, well, I guess I’ll take India God.”

Next thing Bill says is this, “Yeah, so it’s pretty easy, all you have to do is say something like, ‘India, come home.'”

Wait what? Did he just say India? Yeah… but maybe he’s going to list off a bunch of other countries so I can ignore that prompting and be off the hook

So I wait. And I wait. Nothing.


So I yelled out India at the top of my lungs. Or as much as I could without feeling weird being alone and yelling.

Basically people I’m screwed. I think the Lord is giving me India. At least for a while. Not sure what that means or what that looks like, but I should probably take it considering it’s part of my inheritance.

So again, what street, neighborhood, town, city, state, country, or continent is the Lord giving you. Reply below.

Thanks for reading this blog thing, hopefully I’ll get back in the game and start pounding out some more come India time.

Toodles, Salpal

7 thoughts on “He Gave Me India. Crap.

    • I’ve been to Chiang Mai twice in the last two and a half years. I have some friends that are living there for the next couple years as well. Let’s take this convo to fbook and we can share some stories and I can give you some contacts of rad people that love Jesus and Kingdom bringing. That’s so rad you’ll be living there!

  1. yippeeeee!! i love it. i also got a little chuckle in thinking of you running away from what could have maybe, possibly been a bear in the woods haha so great to hear what the Lord’s doing through you. india’s not gonna know what hit it! such an encouragement! go get em’ tiger! ..yep, that’s what i said.

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